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Leevindane Great Dane TV ad

May 21, 2015

“Ferrari” Smalltall’s Fly Me To The Moon With Leevindane.

The latest Addition to our Family of Great Danes, Features in his TV debut for Ulster Banks 2015 Campaign

Fawn Great Dane

“Ferrari” is Leevindane’s first Fawn show Great Dane but contrary to popular belief he is actually our second Fawn Great Dane. The first Great Dane we ever owned was our beloved “Calvin” who we rescued as a puppy and brought into our home. Calvin was the beautiful loving boy who created our passion and enthusiasm for the Great Dane breed. We are delighted that Heidi Lund and Roger Sjolstad of Smalltall’s Kennel in Norway allowed us to share our home with this bundle of energy. This is the first Leevindane Great Dane TV ad featuring our Fab Fawn “Ferrari”.

Leevindane Great Dane TV ad Fawn Great Dane,
Smalltall’s Fly Me To The Moon with Leevindane

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