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Ir & Int Ch Rayjen Royal Palace at LeevinDane Jun Ch, Celtic Junior Winner 2011 IR Veteran Champion (Mr Gray)

Great Danes Ireland

Born 20th September 2009

Titles /Wins

Titles: Irish Champion, Int Ch,  Jun Ch, Celtic Junior Winner 11, Veteran IR Ch.

Green Star : 10

Reserve Green Star: 5

CACIB: 6 Ireland.

Best of Breed: 3 ( 6 Reserve BOB).

Best Puppy in Breed: 3

Best Puppy in Group: 3rd placing.

Health Testing

Health Tested for : Heart Doppler/ Hips/ Elbows.

Stud: Proven and available at Stud to selected health tested Bitches.(Chilled and Frozen Semen available).

In Nov 2009 we were also very fortunate to be allowed take home Mr Gray “Rayjen Royal Palace at LeevinDane Jun Ch, CJW 2011″ a fantastic blue male from Ray and Jeanette Park of the Rayjen Kennels. We started campaigning Mr Gray from March 20th 2010. To date he has won  10 Green Stars,  5 Reserve Green Stars, 6 CACIB’s  3 Best of Breeds  6 Reserve BOB,  3 Best Puppy in Breed Awards,  a 3rd Placing in Puppy Group 2  ,Junior Champ Title,  Celtic Junior Winner Title 2011, Crufts Qualified 2011 where he was awarded 4th in Junior & 4th in Yearling at his first entry in this competition in  March 2011.Mr Gray also took Best Overall Blue Dane at the 2009 Dane of the Year Show in April 2010 aged just 7 months old & Best Blue Male at the Dane Ch Sh 2010 & Dane Open Sh 2011. Following his 3rd Best Pup in Breed award Mr Gray also took the Reserve Green Star at the BSD Group 1 & 2 Ch Sh 2010 at just 8 months old. Mr Gray took his first & second Green Stars at just 9 months old and has now qualified for Crufts for life as he acquired his Stud book number.

“Mr Gray” became the first Blue Great Dane in over 20 years to win an Irish Ch Title and made history as the first ever Blue Great Dane to win  a Jun Ch title, and the first ever Blue Great Dane to win the International Ch Title. In 2019 Gray Became only the second Great Dane ( our second also) to Achieve Veteran IR Ch title.

Best Male Great Dane All Colours Great Dane Speciality Ch Show 2015 “Aramis”


Born June 22 2010.

Best Blue Male Great Dane Irish Great Dane Club Show.

Blue Great Dane Male Aramis

Born June 22 2010.

Show Titles/Wins

Ned’12 Winner.

Ireland Champion.

Finland Champion.

Luxembourg Champion.

Netherland Champion.

International Champion.

EuDDC Champion 2014.

EUDDC Best Blue in Show 2014.

Vice World Winner Finland 2014.

Celtic Winner 2018 Celtic Veteran Winner 2019

1st Ever Great Dane Irish Veteran Champion 2018

1st Ever Great Dane Irish Celtic Veteran Champion 2019

Green Stars: 24

Reserve Green Stars: 28

CAC: 1 Finland, 1 CAC Belgium, 6 Netherlands (1 Reserve), 1 Luxembourg, 1 Switzerland, 1 Reserve CAC Denmark.

CACIB: 9 Ireland, 1 Belgium, 4 Netherland, 1 Switzerland, 1 Luxembourg, 1 Finland.

Best of Breed: 20 BOB in Ireland, (4 Reserve), 5 BOB Netherland,  1 BOB Luxembourg,  1 BOB Switzerland.

Group 2 Winner IKC International Show

Health Tests

Health Tested for : Heart Doppler , Elbow, Hips, 1st Irish Great Dane Tested and EuDDC Assesment approved

Stud: Proven and available at Stud to selected Health tested Bitches(Chilled and Frozen Semen available) having sired 3 Litters in Ireland.

 Black Great Dane

Lead Me On Mr Cole (Cole) Mr Cole

Born June 3rd 2012.

Show Titles/Wins

Titles: IR Ch, Jun IR Ch, Dutch Ch, Int Ch. Denmark Ch

Multi Green Star Winner.    Multi Reserve Green Star Winner

CAC: 3 Netherlands , 1 Luxembourg, 2 Jun CAC Switzerland.

CACIB: 1 Ireland, 3 Netherlands.

Best of Breed Winner Ireland, (2 Reserve), 2 BOB Netherlands and 1 Reserve .

Health Tests

Health Tested for : 

Heart Doplar: DCM Clear



Stud: Proven and available at Stud to selected Health tested Bitches.(Chilled and Frozen Seamen available) having produced a litter with a Swiss Great Dane Bitch 2014.

Black Great Dane Champion – Leevindane Lead Me On Mr Cole.